Innovation is the future. Where information is controlled there will be less innovation, slower development and falling behind those who do not control information.

I have talked before (Chapter 1 – Hunter/Gatherers to Agriculture) about we humans started as completely I-adapted Hunter/Gatherers, with the invention of scarcity, followed by the invention of agriculture, we switched our adaptation to M-adaptation.

Now we are becoming more I-adapted but will probably never let go of material goods. This looks like signs of a synthesis.

    Kinect Hackers Are Changing the Future of Robotics Wired Magazine |

    Within weeks of [Kinect]’s release, YouTube was filled with videos of Kinect-enabled robots. A group from UC Berkeley strapped a Kinect to a quadrotor a small helicopter withh four propellers enabling it to fly autonomously around a room. ….. Willow Garage, … sells a $500 open source robotics kit that incorporates the Kinect. (The previous non-Kinect version cost $280,000.)…. None of these projects were sanctioned by Microsoft…. Yet the company’s official response to all this activity has gone from hostility to acceptance to vigorous support…. More companies are beginning to adopt the Microsoft approach. Motorola recently announc[ed] that future [Android phones] will be easier to modify. Sony Ericsson has a web page devoted to helping hackers unlock its phones. In May, Google released its Android Open Accessory Development Kit….