PushCoverPush: Information Revolution Dynamics has been published as a Kindle short.
It was originally published in Cyberwar 2.0: Myths Mysteries and Reality

This from the Amazon page.

    The screech of the amplifier when the microphone is placed close to it, falling in love, an arms race, all examples of positive feedback. Positive feedback is the push that drives a system off the chart, over the top – boom or bust. When we have something important invested in a system with positive feedback we win or lose big. Positive feedback is a characteristic of information revolutions. Information revolutions push systems to extremes. A small difference is amplified by information, which changes the system, which is then amplified again – a positive feedback loop in the classical sense.

From a review by Joyce Hartwick on Amazon:

    Elin Whitney-Smith writes complex theory in an easily read format…I appreciate a writer who suggests solutions rather than just bringing a theory forward…This needs to be shared, debated and brought to focus so it can be commonly used.