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Five of the six information revolutions in the past have seen an increase in the size of the relevant political/cultural unit.

From hunting/gathering band to agricultural village (20-40 to as many as 3-4 thousand).
Writing, took people from agricultural villages to the Roman Empire.
The fall of Rome, reduced the unit size back to the manors, hamlets, towns, and isolated cities, of the Middle Ages.

The press, brought the unit size from the small local units of the Middle Ages to kingly states.
The electric information revolution (trains, telegraph and telephone) made nation states possible.
The first phase of the digital information revolution – main frames – enabled super states – US, USSR. We are now into a new phase and we already have a number of mega-super-sized institutions – world wide banks, businesses, networks, NGOs.

In addition to the size of the relevant unit increasing the most powerful institutions have changed it may well be that this information revolution makes governments obsolete in the same way as the press made the Catholic Church obsolete.

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