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Chapter X: Perceptions – The Press and How We Think

This chapter has three sections explaining how the technology, the artifacts (books), and the people, changed how people saw their world and themselves. The first section overviews the history and ‘fun facts’ of the press. The next section explains how ‘the book’ changed people’s perceptions making the world: More replicable so more understandable. Future instead […]

Synopsis of Chapter IX – Capitalism and Information Freedom

  Link to Full Text In which we test the patters developed in the previous chapter by looking at the impact of the printing press. With the information revolution following the introduction of the printing press we begin to have much better records and therefore we can “zoom in” on how information worked after its […]

Synopsis of Chapter VIII – Identifying Patterns in Information Revolutions

In which we identify patterns based on what we have learned thus far and build a model we can use in the future.