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Quora: Why did modern science arise in the Judeo-Christian West rather than other world cultures?

Answer: 1. Press -> literacy of common folk ->innovation (see the chapters on the Press) 2. The Fall of Rome -> breaking the tripartite elite -> Church’s incentives change to validate technology and work ->value of innovation (see the chapters on the Fall of Rome) See the post and vote it up: Why did modern […]

Synopsis of Chapter VI – The Early Middle Ages – The Church and Information

In which we see the liberation of information from the tripartite elite.

Synopsis of Chapter V – Rome – Hitting the Information Limit

Link to Full Text In which we examine the crisis of the third century both in terms of what was done (the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine) and what was not done (Rome didn’t invent capitalism so couldn’t pull itself out of its economic crisis) and The former was to address the information overload problem […]