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Archives for Part I – Hunter/Gatherers to Agriculture

Scarcity-mind or Eco-mind

From Scarcity-mind or Eco-mind: Where do they lead? by Frances Moore Lappé Humans beings, it turns out, don’t see the world as it is. “It is theory which decides what we can observe,” wrote Albert Einstein in 1926. We humans see the world through culturally formed filters, what I call our mental maps. They determine […]

Agriculture, Sex, and Women’s Work

The Economist published a report suggesting that the kind of agriculture practiced has a long lasting impact on the status of women in a given culture. They cite Ferdinand Braudel, who claimed that the shift from matriarchy to patriarchy in ancient Mesopotamia was due to the switch from the hoe to the plow. The second […]

More on Is War Innate?

When I look at the post I did on “Is War Innate?” I get depressed. If war were ‘hard-wired’ then it would be easy to change. We would just have to find the correct bit of DNA and do some genetic engineering. It would be complicated but not complex.

Kinect -> I-adaptation

Innovation is the future. Where information is controlled there will be less innovation, slower development and falling behind those who do not control information. I have talked before (Chapter 1 – Hunter/Gatherers to Agriculture) about we humans started as completely I-adapted Hunter/Gatherers, with the invention of scarcity, followed by the invention of agriculture, we switched […]

Part I – Information in Prehistory

Although today is described as an Information Age or an Information Economy, there is no real idea of what that means. Yet, for most of humankind’s time on earth, people were hunter/gatherers living on information (knowing where a wild plant or animal was) rather than on owning material goods. Contrary to popular imagination, Pleistocene hunter/gatherers […]