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Scarcity-mind or Eco-mind

From Scarcity-mind or Eco-mind: Where do they lead? by Frances Moore Lappé Humans beings, it turns out, don’t see the world as it is. “It is theory which decides what we can observe,” wrote Albert Einstein in 1926. We humans see the world through culturally formed filters, what I call our mental maps. They determine […]


Come on a brief walk through the last 10,000 years to see what information revolutions did to change the way people lived.

Hallmarks of Information Revolutions

Do you wonder why the world you grew up with and thought you knew doesn’t seem to be the world you live in? Do you feel less safe today than you did 10 years ago?

Information Revolution Questions

    Information adapted (I-adapted) and Material goods adapted (M-adapted) perspectives are part of a continuum. Each culture has some mix of the I-adaptation and M-adaptation perspective.

Hallmarks of Information Revolutions

The scary side of Information Revolutions


Invitation to explore the last 9,000 years of Information Revolutions