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Archives for Part I – Hunter/Gatherers to Agriculture

Harari on the invention of Agriculture

Quora question: Was the agricultural revolution in 10,000 BC really bad, as explained by Yuval Noah Harari in the book sapiens? In my view, the agricultural revolution was the Genesis of the contemporary world. Yes and yes. The issue is that the immediate impact of agriculture was a reduction in the quality and length of […]

Quora: Difference between H/Gs and farmers/herders

Quora question: How are the lives of farmers and herders different from that of a hunter-gatherer? The major difference between hunter/gatherers and farmers or herders is that H/Gs don’t perceive the world as scarce therefore they don’t spend a lot of energy saving up for scarce times – they don’t plant and they don’t tend […]

Agriculture, Sex, and Women’s Work

The Economist published a report suggesting that the kind of agriculture practiced has a long lasting impact on the status of women in a given culture. They cite Ferdinand Braudel, who claimed that the shift from matriarchy to patriarchy in ancient Mesopotamia was due to the switch from the hoe to the plow. The second […]

Synopsis of Chapter II: – The First Information Revolution: The Invention of Scarcity

In which it is shown that agriculture was not the result of a great intellectual breakthrough but rather the result a switch from I-adaptation to M-adaptation leading to sedentism. Resulting in a positive feed back loop:

    Increase in population -> Depletion of local wild plants and animals –> Increased perception of scarcity–>Increase in agriculture/domestication ->Increase in population ->

Continuing until all resources are domesticated plants and animals.

Synopsis of Chapter I: – Naming and Networks: Hunter/Gatherers – The Beginning

Today we talk about living in an Information Age or becoming an Information Economy without having any model of what that means. And yet, for most of humankind’s time on earth we, humankind, have been hunter/gatherers and hunter/gatherers are I-adapted. They live in an information world.