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Quora: Is it possible to have one world government?

Click to see the original Quora question: Is it possible to have one world government? Five of the six information revolutions in the past have seen an increase in the size of the relevant political/cultural unit. From hunting/gathering band to agricultural village (20-40 to as many as 3-4 thousand). Writing, took people from agricultural villages […]

Quora: Why did modern science arise in the Judeo-Christian West rather than other world cultures?

Answer: 1. Press -> literacy of common folk ->innovation (see the chapters on the Press) 2. The Fall of Rome -> breaking the tripartite elite -> Church’s incentives change to validate technology and work ->value of innovation (see the chapters on the Fall of Rome) See the post and vote it up: Why did modern […]

PUSH: Information Revolution Dynamics

Push: Information Revolution Dynamics has been published as a Kindle short. It was originally published in Cyberwar 2.0: Myths Mysteries and Reality This from the Amazon page. The screech of the amplifier when the microphone is placed close to it, falling in love, an arms race, all examples of positive feedback. Positive feedback is the […]

Scarcity-mind or Eco-mind

From Scarcity-mind or Eco-mind: Where do they lead? by Frances Moore Lappé Humans beings, it turns out, don’t see the world as it is. “It is theory which decides what we can observe,” wrote Albert Einstein in 1926. We humans see the world through culturally formed filters, what I call our mental maps. They determine […]

More on Is War Innate?

When I look at the post I did on “Is War Innate?” I get depressed. If war were ‘hard-wired’ then it would be easy to change. We would just have to find the correct bit of DNA and do some genetic engineering. It would be complicated but not complex.

War Innate? NO!

See my paper on the evolution of war Cain and Abel: Scarcity, Information and the Invention of WAR published in Cyberwar: Security, Strategy, and Conflict in the Information Age in support of Andrew Sullivan’s post on “Is War Innate?” The oldest evidence of deadly group violence by humans — a mass grave in the Nile […]

Kinect -> I-adaptation

Innovation is the future. Where information is controlled there will be less innovation, slower development and falling behind those who do not control information. I have talked before (Chapter 1 – Hunter/Gatherers to Agriculture) about we humans started as completely I-adapted Hunter/Gatherers, with the invention of scarcity, followed by the invention of agriculture, we switched […]

Fallows on China

James Fallows in What’s Up in China: Hint, It’s Not War With the U.S. observes a number of trends that make war with China unlikely: Rebellion in Wukan, the possibility of an economic slow down, and the mistranslating of China’s president Hu Jintao’s remarks on military preparedness. In addition, on the likelihood that China will […]

Animation by Storagepipe

Storagepipe kindly made of my thinking on information. It can be seen here I’m really excited! The paper it came from is available here.