This is a video Patrick Jobin from Storagepipe made of my thinking on information.

It came from “War, Information, and History: Changing Paradigms”, my chapter in “Cyberwar: Security, Strategy, and Conflict in the Information Age” edited Alan D. Campen, Douglas H. Dearth and R. Thomas Goodden (AFCEA Press, 1996). The chapter introduced much of my thinking on how information ‘works’ and therefore how people’s perception of the world is different under different information regimes.

It also introduced a new explanation of the evolution of war. Different groups perceive scarcity and abundance differently and so go to war or refrain from war because they perceive the world differently. They have different epistemologies of war:

  • Hunter / gatherers perceive the world as abundant and so don’t war. If attacked they retreat since they see the world as having enough for everyone so why fight over one bit of land or property.
  • Herding people have periodic scarcity and have no attachment to any particular piece of property so they raid, take what they want and retreat. They too see no reason to hold territory.

  • Agricultural people need land and so evolve a war strategy to take, and hold land.